Top Gaming Computers Get An Audio Upgrade

July 22, 2014 Posted by

The PC market recently welcomed to the table a new innovation in audio from Maingear the Maingear EPIC Audio Engine. Theres no reason why you should have to choose between your eyes and ears but gamers are often asked to do so. This audio solution is ideal for gamers who want the best gaming pc without sacrificing high quality audio.

The EPIC Audio Engine utilizes APHEXs Exciter processing technology for superior sound. Instead of messing with frequencies all the time and inadvertently adding gain, you can now obtain the frequencies you want without compromise. You wont have to painstakingly try to balance the audio levels – realistic, amazing sounding audio comes right out of the box. In addition to this, the audio engine comes with a headphone amplifier, which boosts the signal of the PC audio, and improved processing on the mic, also using APHEX technology, which enhances your voice for when you are playing popular online multiplayer games.

The EPIC Audio Engine is extremely simple to incorporate into your computer setup. Instead of connecting to your discrete sound card or motherboard, just plug into the audio engine and in turn plug the engine into your front panel header. You can turn the engine on or off with an included switch. Its great for gaming or just jamming in your free time. In fact, the EPIC Audio Engine was tuned by professional engineers from Downtown Music, LLC, a company that is home to a number of major acts and operates its own recording studio.

This engine has a number of possible advantages for those using gaming computers. As games become more sophisticated, audio cues become more common. With the EPIC Audio Engine, you can hear footsteps down the corridor or other sound effects that might be important to gameplay. You also dont want terrible audio to take you out of the experience when the graphics are incredibly realistic, do you really want to hear the sound as though it was coming through a shower radio? In addition to all this, you will be able to communicate with your online team better theyll hear you more clearly thanks to the improved mic processing and youll hear them more clearly thanks to the Engines excellent audio specs.

If you are as interested in music as you are gaming, the EPIC Audio Engine provides the simple advantage of better audio. Youll be able to hear MP3s and other file types more clearly, and your expensive headphone sets wont be going to waste on your gaming computer any longer. With this engine you can make music or mix it more easily.

A top gaming computer should be a complete multimedia experience, not just a graphical powerhouse. As gaming computers become more highly developed and capable of amazing things, its important to remember not to leave audio behind. Maingear has definitely recognized the importance of high quality audio and their EPIC engine is not to be ignored if you are looking to step up your gaming experience.

Green And Sundry Mumbai Real Estate

July 21, 2014 Posted by

Mumbai real estate has been alight over the past year. The city has witnessed exponential growth in the real estate market with prices appreciating by more than 100 per cent. Moreover, with a series of infrastructural initiatives such as Mumbai Metro transit, Bandra-Worli Sealink, Santacruz-Chembur Link, new airport at Navi Mumbai in the pipeline, Mumbai seems to be sustaining its high up position in the global real estate market.

From sprawling townships, shopping malls, software parks and office complexes across the city to redevelopment projects Mumbai has its platter full.

Moving on, Mumbai has plunged into the green bandwagon too. The green revolution in Mumbai real estate market has been largely elicited by the growing environment consciousness among top-notch MNCs. Renowned Mumbai real estate builders are now game for green building projects to lure large number of buyers.

Though residential real estate has still to catch up with this trend, commercial green projects are already on roll in big numbers. Reasons Sikander Shah, Mumbai real estate agent, when buying apartment in Mumbai is such a tough job and there is less supply of even the standard residential units the builders are apprehensive of coming up with innovations in this segment.

The very first green complex in Mumbai is due to come up in Borivali. This project is part of the BMCs upgradation plans for its Civic Training Institute & Research Centre (CTIRC). The complex will have all the standard features of Platinum buildings under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.

Besides, Mumbai Real Estate Developer K Raheja is coming up with Mindspace projects at Mumbai and Hyderabad, both of which are currently under construction. The group expects the cost to be around 7-8 per cent higher in these projects, but they assure considerable energy saving.

According to reports, green buildings involve an incremental cost of 7-10 per cent over traditional buildings and even though Mumbai is one the costliest cities in the world, developers perceive it as an opportunity for differentiation in a growing market.

Asheville, Secret Heaven and Steady Real Estate Market

July 20, 2014 Posted by

Real estate is not a market that is the same everywhere. What is true in Raleigh or Los Angeles is not necessarily true in Houston. In fact, real estate markets tend to differ greatly from one area to the next. From distances as short as just across town, to even across the street, real estate is a game to comparable buying. And in Asheville, NC, the comparables are steady. There are many reasons why. But, first we will explain comparables as they pertain to real estate.

Comparables is a term real estate appraisers use to compare the subject property, or the home for sale, to an exact model match. An exact model match is not always available. So, appraisers search for as close of a model match as possible. The value is then determined by many factors. The most important factors are square footage of the home, size of the lot the home sits on, age of the home, and neighborhood of the home. So, in determining a homes worth, the appraiser must look within a 1 mile radius for other homes that have very similar measurements, that were built around the same year. The appraiser then compares the sales price of these homes. The sales must be recent, usually limited to one year, but even then the appraiser should use the most recent three to four comparables to determine the value of a home for sale.

Now that I have covered how home values are determined, I want to explain why Asheville seems to be immune from dropping home values, even when the rest of the country seemed destined to drop. The answer is quite simple. People want to live here, so they are willing to pay fair market value. Another reason is because while the rest of the nation experienced a real estate bubble, Ashevilles home values did not over inflate. They remained steady, with about a 10% increase in value annually. Contrast that with 100% increases from other areas and its easy to see why Asheville has remained a steady real estate market.

But, there is more here than just math and numbers. When I first visited Asheville in 1995, the snow blanketed the slopes of Sugar Mountain, the air was crisp, the city was bursting with energy and I felt something I never expected. I felt more alive than ever before. I felt like I had found my home.

During that trip in 1995, I experienced, and not for the first time I might add, true Southern Hospitality. Having spent time in the South prior, I had experienced the “Hey” greetings you get from all of the natives. But, never before was that an invitation to stop and chat. It was just a polite gesture, a simple acknowledgement. In Asheville, chatting for a few minutes is actually expected and in a city with over 70,000 residents, that was completely unexpected. While the charm of the local people cannot be listed on an appraisal report, it in doubt helps the homes hold their value.

Moreover, Asheville has 4 mild seasons that each have something special to offer. The summers are mild, unlike the nearby cities of Charlotte or Raleigh. Temperatures usually reach highs of 85 degrees in July and August. Charlotte and Raleigh reach highs of 98 degrees each year in contrast. The altitude of Asheville is the reason for the mild summers, which is easily my favorite time of year. The winters are fairly cool but even with snow capped mountains, the winters are quite bearable while also offering the best skiing and snowboarding in the state. Spring is breathtaking when the flowers are all in bloom and the Fall is absolutely majestic, with the leaves changing colors as they fall to the ground. At any time of the year, Asheville is mild, with an average temperature of 66.7 degrees.

In conclusion, it is fairly easy to see why Asheville has a steady real estate market. The charm of the people, the charm of the mountains, the mild weather, the energized buzz of the downtown area, Asheville is a true place of beauty and a secret still well kept by the natives.

x9 Speakers – The Best Choice For Your Car Audio System

July 13, 2014 Posted by

These types of 6×9 car speakers usually stay ahead of the others because they vary in shapes and produces crystal clear quality sound. They are presently the choice of both young and adult car enthusiasts for that many qualities they provide. Not all 6×9 car speakers will fit each and every car but there are many companies who produce these speakers so you’ll have lots of speakers to choose from. If you have never bought car speakers before it is always recommended to consult an expert’s viewpoint.

The rear portions of the speakers differ in dimension, so be sure that the speakers which you decide on will match your car. To make it easier for everyone, all you have to do is bring your vehicle to an auto shop where various 6×9′s can be sampled in your car. If you would rather set up the speakers yourself, then you can always do some online research and observe which speakers will fit in your car. There are numerous websites which focus on different car speakers which will suit each car models.

Various companies produce varied 6×9 car speakers. While it is unnecessary for your stereo and speakers to be similar in brand, it will make the installation procedure somewhat simpler and easier. Similarly, added parts might not be necessary to connect your speaker and stereo. Within the same manner, the entire sound quality may be enhanced if the speakers and stereo be of the same brands. Your choices of car speakers may range from those produced by Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood and JVC. These companies are known for their quality 6×9 car speakers.

Many auto shops that vend speakers also instate them. Should you lack know-how with wiring and electrical systems of the car, it is advisable to entrust it to the experts. You will most likely obtain a speaker with exceptional sound quality. If something’s not right with all the installation process, you can always contact them to fix it for you. A number of shops even give a discount if you are going to purchase in their shop and also have them set up for you since they have the needed tools for that installation.

It is quite easy to find quality 6×9′s, whether it ideal for substitute of one’s worn-out speakers or merely to upgrade your current audio system. What’s essential is how the speakers will fit your car. If you intend to have it done by an expert, inquire the shop where you bought them if they might do the installation themselves. Possibly you could save a few dollars if you will have it set up from the shop where you purchase the speakers. If you’re going to do the honor of installing the speakers be sure to read the manuals cautiously so you will have the whole thing installed properly.

Music Production Commercial Sound Through Professional Audio Mastering

July 9, 2014 Posted by

Music industry today is highly competitive. Thus composing great songs is not enough to gain popularity and climb the rankings. A music album that is well mixed and mastered is the need of the hour. Here lies the importance of professional digital and analog music mastering: A process that can transform the music and turn a simple song into a sonic masterpiece. With the development of new innovative techniques more punch and clarity can be added to the music as well as an extra touch of spatial depth and dimension. Once the songs are recorded, they are mixed and brought in an audio mastering studio for further enhancements. The mastering engineers play a crucial role in a music mastering procedure. One of the prime job of a mastering engineer is to identify the various sonic gaps and mistakes that came with the recording and mixing processes. In an audio mastering studio the tracks get screened through ultra-precision mastering monitors. The whole process is done by highly experienced audio experts.

Inside the studio various sound mastering techniques are applied that shape, sculpt and sweeten the music: Equalization, compression, harmonic saturation, stereo image adjustments and other types of audio processing help to enhance the quality of the tracks and give them a professional sound quality. However as most music mastering experts agree, the tracks should not be over compressed as it can sonically hurt the project rather than refining the tracks. According to experts music mastering should always be performed in dedicated audio mastering studios as these particular studios are well equipped with acoustically treated rooms, state-of the-art speaker technology and fine tuning and equalization instruments that are essential for elevating the sound quality of the tracks. The techniques should be suitable applied so that the frequencies fall in the right place, the tracks get a coherent spectral balance and bass, mid and treble frequencies are neither to weak nor too loud.

In every music mastering session carried out in an audio mastering studio the following actions are

The average and peak volume levels of the music tracks are optimized for attaining a proper loudness
The tracks are arranged in order for the final sequence
Signal processing is done through proper compression, EQ and audio limiting
Proper timing between the tracks are maintained
A homogenous sonic character is established for all the tracks
Placing track markers at the head of all the tracks
Removing unwanted hiss, clicks, glitches and noise from the tracks
Cleaning up the start and end of each track including the fades
Insertion of the Master Track Log
The creation of professional PMCDs (PreMaster CDs)

Considering the above advantages, the money for music mastering in a professional audio mastering studio is well spent. Besides the traditional mastering houses, a lot of web based audio mastering services offer fairly priced flat rates for CD mastering on-line. You simply upload your music to the mastering studio, where it will be treated professionally. So even an indie label or a home studio producer can nowadays afford a professional music mastering for his their audio productions.